Full-Service Enterprise Pricing Solution

Leverage Pricestack Technology to Drive Superior Results
The Pricestack team obsesses over pricing and offers the most advanced yet pragmatic pricing engine. Save time and improve key metrics with a dedicated Pricestack deployment equipped with custom functionality.

Expert Integration & Strategy to Unlock Human Capital
Pricestack enables large-scale enterprises to free their employees and executives from the work-intensive process of price optimization.

Agile Testing to Maximize Long-Term Growth and Profitability
Merchants receive price change suggestions or automated updates, initially for testing, and later for goal maximization.

Simple Yet Powerful Objectives to Select the Optimal Course of Action
Pricestack guides merchants as they seek to achieve a goal:
– Maximize gross profit above all else
– Maximize gross profit but place value on revenue growth
– Maximize revenue while maintaining sustainable margins
– Maximize any key metric, optionally subject to constraints

Comprehensive Pricing Tactics to Achieve Goals in Perpetuity
Consumer tastes and the competitive scene of ecommerce are ever‑changing. Pricestack examines the interrelationships of key metrics to control for the effects of changing tastes, marketing activities, conversion rate optimization, traffic volatility, seasonal conversion rate shifts, and hundreds of other phenomena. Further, the Pricestack pricing engine is capable of addressing these factors rapidly and accurately, enabling prices to be optimized in perpetuity.

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