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Why You Need Pricestack

Agile Price Testing

Pricestack adjusts prices to maximize your revenue, profit, or both. Our AI-powered platform continuously adapts to ever‑changing consumer tastes.

Automate & Optimize

Pricestack analyzes the behavior of your customers and automatically suggests prices to maximize revenue or profit. We frown upon antiquated services that merely copy your competitors.

Price for Profit

A Harvard Business Review study found that a 1% improvement in pricing leads to an 11.1% increase in operating profits. Your business is progressing – why would you leave your pricing in the past?

How You Use Pricestack

1. Install Pricestack

We offer a one-click Shopify app, an API, and a full-service solution. Compare these options and learn more here.

2. Approve Price Suggestions

Pricestack proposes revenue and profit-maximizing prices. Visit your Pricestack dashboard to view and approve our suggestions. We'll automatically update prices as you approve suggestions.

3. Adjust Weekly

Approving price updates not only helps you improve your metrics; it also generates valuable data. As you use Pricestack, your forecasts grow increasingly accurate. Our model even learns how to respond to recurring events such as BFCM.

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