Optimize your prices with Pricestack.

Capture Your Value

Analyze Years of Data – in Hours
Pricestack analyzes your historical data and suggests price changes to maximize your revenue, profit, or both. Our AI continuously adapts to ever‑changing consumer tastes, keeping your prices perfect forever.

Rapidly Increase Your Lifetime Value
A healthy ratio of Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is commonly estimated to be 3x. How much do you spend on ads? Investing in a Pricestack solution will immediately increase your lifetime value.

Make Informed Pricing Decisions
Pricestack measures the price elasticity of your shoppers, modeling their conversion rate by price. We compare the result – a demand curve – with your cost of goods sold to discover your perfect prices.

Meet Your Pricing Command Center

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Price Change Suggestions
Pricestack suggests price changes and provides forecasts of profit, revenue, and quantity sold at current prices versus at optimal prices. You retain full control over price changes. We simply make suggestions and provide reasoning. We only change the price when you click activate adjustment.

Your Three Steps to Perfect Prices

  1. Select & Install Your Pricestack
    Pricestack offers a one-click Shopify App, a WooCommerce integration, and custom solutions and services. If you have a pricing need, we can fulfill it. Let's talk!
    One-Click Shopify AppWooCommerce IntegrationCustom Solution
  2. Configure Pricestack
    Once you've installed Pricestack, you will connect Google Analytics, select your optimization goal, and choose your price style. Watch the Pricestack Webinar to learn how and why!
    Pricestack Webinar
  3. Approve Price Suggestions
    Within 24 hours, your price suggestions will be ready. Open the Pricestack dashboard and click "activate adjustment" for each product. If you are on the Unlimited Plan, then these suggestions are free to view and activate.
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