Pricestack Features

Simple Integration
Pricestack needs just two datasets: order data and visitor data. Order data is simply collected with our one-click Shopify App, WooCommerce integration, or custom integration. Visitor data is easily retrieved via our Google Analytics connection or a custom integration. Integration is seamless and guided!

Price Suggestions Within 24 Hours
Pricestack uses your historical data to suggest price changes within 24 hours. As a result, you will see immediate revenue and profit uplift with Pricestack.

Ongoing Price Suggestions
You will receive price change suggestions every week. While the first week will produce the largest gain, subsequent weeks learn from the results of price changes and from market trends to keep your prices optimal.

Competitor Price Awareness
Pricestack uses demand-based competitor price awareness. If a competitor's price change affects your demand, Pricestack will automatically adapt your prices to the change in the competitive environment.

Goal-Oriented Optimization
Pricing involves a trade-off of quantity sold, revenue generated, and profit netted. Pricestack optimizes your prices to maximize your selection of revenue or profit, helping you achieve your goals.

Customizable Price Styling
Pricing is a key element of branding. Do you want to convey luxury with round prices? Or budget-friendliness with charm prices? Pricestack enables you to select your price style. We'll only suggest prices that suit your style.