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One-Click App for Shopify Merchants: Pricestack

Seamless Installation & Visual Analytics
Pricestack collects data on visitor purchasing, controls for the numerous factors that can affect conversion rates, and recommends profit-maximizing or growth-driving prices. Profit from more effective prices while minimizing your investment needs.

Endless Flexibility for Agencies & Enterprises:  Analytics API

Leverage Pricestack Technology to Drive Results While Maintaining Control
Access your dedicated instance of the ever-improving Pricestack engine through a secure RESTful API to save time, accelerate growth, drive profitability, and progress towards your goals. Capitalize on the effective solution with quick time-to-value and maximize control.

Enterprise Transformation:  Full-Service Custom Pricing Optimization

Expert Integration & Strategy to Unlock Your Human Capital
Save time and improve key metrics with a dedicated Pricestack deployment equipped with custom functionality. Pricestack provides its signature pricing engine, expert integration, and strategic consulting, unlocking your human capital to focus on the things that make your business great.

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