Pricestack for Shopify

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Optimal Prices in Hours
Pricestack automatically imports and analyzes your data and suggests price changes. These suggestions are shown in our interface alongside forecasted revenue, profit, and quantity sold at current prices and optimal prices. Click "activate suggestion" and the product's price is seamlessly updated in Shopify.

Rapidly Increase Your Lifetime Value
A healthy ratio of Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is commonly estimated to be 3x. How much do you spend on ads? With a small investment in pricing, you can expand your customer lifetime value and drive higher returns on ad spend.

Make Informed Pricing Decisions
Pricing is a key catalyst of ecommerce business growth. Pricestack measures the price elasticity of your shoppers, enabling you to make informed decisions. Without Pricestack, you're left guessing. You, your business, your prices, and your customers deserve better than guessed prices!