About Pricestack Inc.

Ecommerce professionals commonly understand that pricing is a key driver of decision-making in the global economy. However, prices are also a form of communication of value between businesses and their customers. Pricing is a conversation, yet most businesses focus on speaking, neglecting to listen to their valued customers. Understanding the wants, needs, and preferences of your customers, and being able to adjust your prices accordingly, is the key to profit maximization.

Pricing is a conversation, yet
most businesses neglect to listen.

Perfect prices come from the most important people in business: your customers. Yet, due to the historical absence of behavioral pricing software, most companies resort to copying their competitors. This direct price matching is not a prudent mechanism for improving pricing because it fails to address the value that your store uniquely contributes to the product: the high-quality purchasing experience, customer service, and product discovery that you provide your visitors.

Your customers are willing to pay for your purchasing experience and your customer service, which differ from those of your competitors. If you copy their prices, then you neglect to give yourself the opportunity to profit from people who are willing to pay more for your products, and your revenue and profitability alike will underperform. Price matching diminishes your financial position by disregarding every competitive advantage that you have. In contrast, true pricing optimization accounts for all of these non-price factors.

Pricestack employs proprietary behavioral analytics, enabling you to listen to your customers and capture your value with an unprecedented level of accuracy and efficiency. Our platform is available as a pricing app (Pricestack) for Shopify merchants, an API-as-a-service for agencies and enterprise development teams, and a full-service custom pricing solution for large and lean enterprises.

Pricestack Inc. was founded in the Spring of 2019 by Ian McCue, Weston Bennett, and Brecker Brees after extensive development. We place utmost value on merchant success and satisfaction, and we work tirelessly to equip our clients with the software and service that they need to succeed.